First Mistake

I only wish you could see what you are doing to me,

You are breaking my heart.

You were right from the start.

Oh, please, give me one more chance.

And I will dance my last dance.

Can’t you see the pain in my eyes?

You should know love never dies.

It just sits to drown in your tears gasping for breath year after year.

When I see you, my yearning grows stronger, even though you love me no longer.

Late at night I cannot sleep.

All I do is just weep, for your strong arms to cuddle me oh, so tight.

And your love to guide me through the night.

You love someone else.

This hurts even more.

It hurts so much my heart is sore.

Now my tears turn to blood,

my hurt to sorrow.

You may not love me now,

but there’s always tomorrow.

For now give me one more kiss.

For old time’s sake.

Even though that was our first mistake.


HEW Circa 1987



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